Tools and Resources for the Analysis of Speech Prosody

TRASP'2013 - Aix-en-Provence, France - August 30, 2013

Tools and Resources for the Analysis of Speech Prosody is an Interspeech 2013 satellite event.


TRASP will be the occasion to bring together people involved in developing tools and resources for the analysis of speech prosody in order to evaluate the state of the art in this area, summarising what tools and resources are currently available and what other of tools and resources are in greatest need of development. It will also be an opportunity to discuss ways in which work in this area might benefit from harmonisation and collaboration.


TRASP will take place at the LPL with the technical support of the CEP.


TRASP is organized by Brigitte Bigi and Daniel Hirst.




In order to increase comparability for the different tools, contributors will be asked to apply their tools to a common corpus which, when possible, will be made available by the organisers. Since it is expected that tools may concern several different languages, a multi-lingual corpus will be used. This shared corpus will be hosted by the SLDR forge.




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